Her Cave Inc

It can be hard to find a creative space that is friendly, reasonable in price, and has just about everything on offer for the women of the Central Coast.

Her Cave offers most crafts for members to have a go at, whether they want to explore wool, fabric, papers, clay or anything else that is available. While leaving wood and metalwork to the men’s sheds, Her Cave does play with recycling and up-cycling other things that may be similar.

There are plenty of ideas floating around from the members that will greet newcomers on their first day. The members all go for a good laugh, to try something different or just to be with other like-minded women and to leave their stresses at the front door and enjoy a day to themselves.

Others have found that Her Cave also offers respite and gives them a place where they can relate to others experiencing depression or simply needing contact with the outside world, and a purpose in life.

Regina, who founded Her Cave seven years ago says that “craft is good for the mind!” She has even taken craft supplies to drought and fire victims in the past as those people would not have had any money to buy supplies at the time. She said that if it helped them for five minutes, it was worth the trip.

For more information, please contact Regina on 0415 281 920 or visit hercave.org.au

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