Hope unveils a Hunter first

You’ve indulged in their exquisite wines and savoured their craft beers. Now, get ready to experience the rich allure of their exclusive whiskey range. Michael Hope continues to innovate and surprise within the Hope Estate empire. The owner has big plans for the transformation of the Hunter Valley’s leading luxury lodge, with Tower Whiskey
Distillery set to swing open its doors soon.

A first for the Hunter Valley, Tower Whiskey Distillery will offer hosted tasting experiences of their initial release Single Cask, Single Malt Whiskeys. The whiskeys are distilled, aged and bottled on-site at the Distillery.

“To me, the Whiskey is the ultimate experience that ties the whole business together,” says Michael.

“The Brewery is used to make Whiskey Wash (the base of whiskey). The spent
grain is then used to feed our Angus cattle that we are breeding here on site which gives us our beef component.”

“Then to age our whiskey, you traditionally use a lot of wine barrels which is something we have plenty of, so I have used a combination,” Michael adds.

Guests can enjoy the Whiskey Flight or the Discovery Experience including learning about the process of whiskey distillation and ageing.

Stay up to date with opening details via @towerwhiskeydistillery on social media.

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