Fermenting futures

Hunter women on the rise. There is an abundance of smart, talented and focused women making their mark on the Hunter Valley wine industry.

As the oldest wine region in Australia, I wonder if our forbearers could envision a time when the Hunter Valley would be flush with talented women, driving the future of the wine industry. We already have local, national and even internationally renowned women of wine, but what’s exciting is the emerging talent, spanning diverse roles across viticulture, winemaking, sales and marketing.  

I took the opportunity to meet with some of these impressive young women and hear about their journey and invaluable contributions to wine.

The Winemaker

Emily Glover, Winemaker at De Iuliis Wines, literally bubbles over with an effervescent energy, optimism and passion. It was 2016 and Emily was 6 months into her Business Degree when she did a vintage in the Hunter Valley. Emily explained, “we grew up with family friends in the wine industry, but I had never considered it as a career. Vintage work was such fun, I realised I didn’t want to go back to my degree”.  

Emily started a Wine Science Degree through Charles Sturt University in 2017 which she completed last year. Whilst working at Brokenwood, Emily had the opportunity in 2022 to take on a personal project crafting her first wine – a semillon, under her Glover Wines brand. Emily commented “I love the freedom of being able to create something that is all mine”.

In 2023 she was appointed Winemaker at De Iuliis Wines. Asked what she loves about winemaking, Emily said, “every season is different and the job is so diverse. You’re outdoors and get to work with your hands, but you also get to use your brain, as it’s technical with so many decisions to make”.

Aspiring to be a full-time winemaker with her own brand as a side hustle, Emily also wanted to get involved in wine shows. 

Emily was selected as trainee in 2022 at the Hunter Valley Wine Show, then as an Associate Judge the following year. She has also been an Associate Judge at the Cowra Wine Show and Trainee at Sydney Royal Wine Show. Last year Emily won the Brokenwood Advanced Technology Scholarship, which allowed her to attend the Australian Wine Research Institute in South Australia. Plus, a scholarship from the Sydney Royal Wine Show for the Advanced Wine Assessment course. Undoubtedly, Emily is going places.

Emily is grateful for support she’s been given by local winemakers, “they always have time and they do it with such grace,” she said.  Emily gives back as part of the committee for the local Young Winemakers Group, organising regular education tastings to build confidence. “There is so much exciting upcoming female talent across all areas that are powerhouses for the Hunter Valley,” she said.   

And Emily’s advice, “work hard and have fun. There are days and weeks of doing the grind, but in my opinion, you couldn’t find a better job in the world”.

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Story by Cathy Gadd.