New Distillery will go Far

Pursuing their corporate careers in Melbourne, Jess, the daughter of winery owner Keith Tulloch and her husband Ben, fell in love with the world of spirits. When they moved back to the Hunter Valley, they decided to forge their own path, establishing Far Distilling. Far also stands for “forage and roaming” so with the vision of crafting beautiful spirits, they spent 4 years of study and groundwork including building a library of over 70 botancials.

Clearly passionate about the art of distilling Ben explained, “we wanted to create a contemporary gin that uses as many locally sourced botancials as we can. We chose a to use a cold distillation method which is quite rare as it’s expensive, but it retains the freshness of delicate florals and berries which gives us lighter, brighter flavours.”

Ben describes himself as a “Gin chef”, exploring botanical flavours with different treatments and temperatures. “The options and combinations are endless, so we wanted to capture this sense of curiosity and adventure” he commented.

After 6 months experimentation and some 23 botanicals, they have released their first Far Signature Gin. It’s floral and delicate on the palate with a beautiful mouthfeel and clean, smooth finish. This is Gin you can happily sip straight, on ice.

The couple have big plans with a bolder more savoury Hunter Valley Dry Gin under development, perfect for cocktails. They will also be doing small batch seasonal and local collaborations plus an ever-changing range of Aperitifs.

Far Distilling is based at Keith Tulloch winery and their Gin can be tasted at the Cellar Door.

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Written by Cathy Gadd