Reimagining heritage

The interior design transformation of Branxton Bank.

The moment I stepped into the Branxton Bank, I knew I had stumbled upon something extraordinary. This wasn’t just any building; it was a piece of history, standing proudly on the main corner of Branxton village, echoing the tales of its past lives.

From its days as the original Bank of NSW to its tenure with Westpac, and finally to its rebirth as a mixed-use haven, this heritage-listed gem had stories to tell. But more than its tales, it was the building’s palpable masculine energy and undeniable potential that drew me in—a potential not just to restore, but to reimagine.


The Branxton Bank’s transformation from a financial institution into a space of residential and commercial blend, is testament to its adaptability. Yet, it was its architectural integrity and the challenge of marrying its storied past with a contemporary purpose that excited me the most. As an interior designer, my vision was clear: to respect and revive the bank’s historical essence while infusing it with a vitality that could only be imagined.

Elevating this iconic space, my focus extends to meticulous details, modern functionality, and a seamless fusion of eras for a timeless experience.


The renovation of a heritage-listed building comes with its unique set of challenges. Every decision, from the structural alterations to the choice of paint, was governed by a deep respect for the building’s original character and the stringent heritage restrictions in place.

Yet, these limitations became the crucible for creativity. The end goal was to create a space that not only served its new purpose as boutique residential accommodations with commercial flair but also paid homage to its rich history.

The design journey was akin to a dialogue between the past and the present, aiming to match the building’s inherent aesthetic and mood. The masculine energy of the Branxton Bank demanded a design approach that was bold yet sensitive, robust yet elegant.

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Story and photography by Naomi Findlay